Who We Are!

Passion Project: Opera! performs concert readings of great vocal and operatic works in intimate settings, giving audiences an experience usually enjoyed only by the performers themselves in closed rehearsals. As with dramatic readings of plays, the singers perform on-book and in close proximity to the audience. The result is energetic and electrifying, as performers and listeners are enveloped in glorious sound. 


But that’s not where your sensory experience ends.  Passion Project: Opera! will also wine and dine you. When you arrive you will be offered a glass of wine or other beverage before choosing your seat for the first part of the performance. During the intermission we will serve a gourmet meal, during which you may stretch your legs, enjoy the beautiful host venue and mingle with the other opera lovers and our artists. After the performance we will serve dessert and coffee.  You will leave in a state of total bliss!